JB Marks Local Municipality installs two new sewage pumps at Botha Sewage Pump Station

There is a substantial cause for concern over improper functioning and upkeep of sewage treatment and wastewater systems in South Africa. The JB Marks Local Municipality installed new sewage pumps at Botha Sewage Pump Station following years of scrutiny by the Department of Water and Sanitation and the community. Given direct effects of pollution on human health and environment caused by inadequate wastewater and sewage treatment facilities, the Municipality felt it was imperative to remedy the problem before it worsened. Waste from Ikageng and all the Extension Areas is processed at the Botha Pump Station, which holds 73% of the total waste in Potchefstroom.

After operating the Pump Station with just one pump for a number of years, the Municipality did appoint a local contractor and service provider to purchase and install two new sewage pumps. An installation of pumps began in October 2023 following the delivery that took place in September.

The Department of Technical Services in the Municipality held a session on Tuesday, 31 October 2023, where pumps were checked to verify their immediate operating status. The JB Marks Local Municipality has been experiencing sewage spills at the Mooirivier catchment, which is the reason why notices of non-compliance were received from the Department of Water and Sanitation. This project will undoubtedly put an end to the spills that were experienced over a long period.